Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Retell the Story with Post-Its

A while ago I found a cool story map on Pinterest that uses Post-Its. I used the idea to make my own large story map to use with post-its for whole group mini-lessons. It is perfect for practicing retelling the story.
After we read a story as a whole class, the students retell parts of the story and I record their answers on the stickies. I usually keep up those stickies for the rest of the day or longer.
Note: I often don't record connections on stickies when we do it as a whole group as this could take forever. I let as many people as I can share their connections verbally making sure to say if it is a Text to Self or Text to Text connection first.

We have talked about how what you write doesn't need to be in complete sentences and how it doesn't have to be fancy, but you should be able to expand on your thoughts when you talk about the story.

After modeling and practicing using the story map many times during mini-lessons I gave the kids their own story map to use during Read to Self or Read to Someone. I also use the student sized version during my Retell the Story strategy group. The kids keep their story map in a clear sheet protector in their Daily 5 folders. I also gave each student their own pad of Post-Its!!! It was like Christmas, hehe. We did have a nice chat about using Post-Its for reading and to become better readers, not to pass notes to a friend. As I have walked around the room lately during Daily 5 I've noticed many of them with their folders out using their stickies to retell the story. Yes!!

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