Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Math Partners

I have always loved teaching math. I'm always trying to make it more interesting and engaging for my kiddos. This year I've implemented official math partners. Instead of doing independent work my kiddos work with their math partners. They are now able to explain their work so much better. As they taught us in college "knowledge is socially constructed". Kids need time to talk, discuss and explain. I have to remind myself that noise is okay - as long as we are all on topic.

I found these cute pb&j cut outs at The Dollar Tree and immediately thought they would be perfect for helping my kiddos remember who their math partner is. I also like being able to say "peanut butters read the problem, jellies write the number sentence" etc.

Dollar Tree should still have these if you want to pick some up. They also had "mouse and cheese" and "frog and lily pad" matching cut outs as well. I may need to think of a use for some of those too! :)


  1. Hi...I am your newest follower!!!! I also teach second grade :) Love your idea about math partners. I too have to get used to "noise" a bit. I just like quiet toooooo much :) LOL I just started my blog if you ever have time to check it out :) Thanks so much! Looking forward to reading your future posts :)