Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Currently: January

I'm so late in the game with this but here's my currently for January. I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade.

I'm back from traveling for the funeral and trying to get back into the rhythm of things. Hoping to get some good posts up later this week. 

Until then, a little quote love:


  1. Hey!! I love your OLW! Yes I do use Math Expressions.. what do you think of it? I'm not really a fan, it sort of confuses me more than anything haha! :)

    1. This is my school's 4th year using Math Expressions but we don't use it exclusively - we have county made lessons to cover the things that math expressions doesn't. It's grown on me. I now know what lessons are lame and to skip and which ones are better. I love the math mountains - my kids are really good at them and I think it really helps them solve story problems. I don't love the PAGES of things for the kids to cut out - penny strips, quarters, shapes, etc - it just is a management nightmare!

    2. haha omg I totally agree. Since it's my first year its hard to get a grasp on which lessons are lame and what I really need to teach them. And then of course to make sure it links with Common Core! I don't use it exclusively either. I hate hate hate the worksheets after worksheets. I'd rather do activities and movement stuff, especially because my class is quite ADHD! I guess in a few more years I'll have a better idea and it will be easier! LOVE Math Mountains, though! They are great. When are we going to plan that Raleigh blogger meet up? ;)