Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week - WHO

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week. I'm excited to share tonight about WHO I am.

I'm Julie. I'm 27 years old and I am in my 6th year of teaching.

I have the best family. My parents are now some of my best friends. I have one older brother, an amazing sister-in-law and the world's cutest nephew. His laugh and snuggles are the best!!

If I'm not at school (or at the gym) I'm probably hanging out with friends. I'm such a people person. My friends and I love to have game nights, go out to eat or just chill. 

I am now a workout and exercise fanatic! A year ago I began a journey to become a healthier me and I did a sprint triathlon in May. It was hard work but oh so much fun and extremely rewarding! I now am starting to like running. Most afternoons I can't wait to get to the gym and see my gym buddies! 

I love elephants and anything elephant related!

My faith is a big part of my life! I wouldn't be where I am today without God's love, guidance, and mostly saving grace! Every day I'm growing in Him slowly but surely. :)

And finally, here are 10 things about me. Thanks to Amy Lemons for the template!

I hope you learned something new about me! Go join the fun and link up with the Blog Hoppin' crew so I can get to know you!

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