Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Listen to Reading Grant

I am super duper excited to have won my very first grant! I have always thought that grant writing was hard and something I could never do until now. The Lee Brothers Sidekick Foundation gave me a grant to get some materials to use for Listen to Reading during Daily 5. Lee Brothers is a Tae Kwon Do studio that is near school and each year they offer grant money to schools in the area. I decided to apply and was thrilled that my project was accepted.
My main purchase with the grant money was 2 ipod shuffles. I can load books on CD onto these for the kids to listen to. It's better than a Listening Center because the shuffles are mobile and the kiddos can choose their own spot in the classroom. My classroom doesn't really have tons of space for a listening center anyways.

I also got some super cute headphones to go with the shuffles since I don't think that the ones that come with them (that go in your ear) are super sanitary for the kiddos to use and share. I got these from amazon.

I also purchased some books on CD from Scholastic to load onto the shuffles. I'm planning on having a few books on each shuffle and teaching the kids how to skip through the tracks and use Voice Over to find the right track. They're pretty technology savvy so it should work great!

Now I'm browsing and searching for more grants that I could apply for. We'll see what I find!

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  1. I also wrote a grant {never thought I could do it either} and was awarded 1 Macbook Air, 3 iPads, and 5 iPod Touches for my classroom! Wowzers! I guess I should thank Toyota and the Math and Technology Leadership Academy of Western Kentucky University for allowing me to write the grant. :) Grant writing is pretty cool when you get what you're asking for!! Congrats!

    BTW, I'm your newest follower and gave you an award over at my blog. I mentioned it in an earlier comment.

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff